Here at Black Wax Reviews, our tagline is “Nothing New”, and that’s exactly what we mean. We review albums that may already have been reviewed a thousand times before. And those albums that some may feel don’t even deserve to be reviewed.

Black Wax Reviews employs a State-Of-The-Art “Eleven Star” rating system specifically designed to meet your music review needs.

While other so-called ‘music reviewers’ rely on outdated “five star ratings systems” (or even archaic “100 points” ratings systems–yikes!), yielding vague (at best) results, Black Wax Reviews understands that in order to successfully convey the quality of an album, eleven stars is truly the only way to go.

The highly-trained Listening Professionals at Black Wax Reviews (comprised of a crack team of musicians, recording engineers, producers, collectors, and veterans of the early- to mid-80’s psychic wars) are dedicated to providing you with top-quality reviews of the music that they love. Committed to the highest standards of excellence, Black Wax Reviews personally guarantees that you are absolutely satisfied with your music reviewing experience or your money back, no questions asked.

So sit back, relax, and dig into Black Wax Reviews with the confidence that comes from knowing that when we say Eleven Stars, we mean it!


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