“(The reviewer’s) refusal to strike melodramatic attitudes confers on the blog a sombre but easeful majesty…”

“A stunning vision of breathtaking clarity and beauty…”

“Words can give no idea of the splendid way in which Black Wax Reviews makes the heavens laugh and the earth rejoice…”

“Black Wax Reviews is a streamlined, hushed ensemble blog built on the notion that very late at night, after the lamps of logic have been snuffed and rationality has shut its eyes, life on earth becomes boundariless and blurred…. Standing above the common gloom, Black Wax Reviews detects phosphorescence everywhere, but chiefly in the auras around people, which glow brightest at night and when combined.”

“Experts of the highest caliber and most refined taste in music…”


“I can’t remember the last time my soul was uplifted by such sublime insight…”

“This review team utilizes the latest advancement in recorded sound technology, thereby taking full advantage of revolutionary developments in computer capability. For the listener, this translates into a remarkable new music review experience: brilliant display of sharply-etched detail, spectacular dynamic range, impressive clarity and freedom from distortion.”

“Nothing less than a tour de force for modern man…”


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