Caring for your long-playing record


Records whose labels bear the words “Stereophonic” or “Stereo” must be played with a pickup designed for stereophonic records using a sapphire or diamond stylus with a tip radius of between 0.0005 and 0.0007 inch (0.0127 mm – 0.018 mm; or 12.7 microns – 17.78 microns). Failure to do so is likely to result in poor sound and irreparable damage to record and stylus.

If the words “Stereophonic” or “Stereo” do not appear on the record label, the record is monophonic and may be played with any pickup (stereo or mono) designed for long-playing records using a sapphire or diamond stylus with a tip radius of between 0.005 and 0.0010 inch (0.0127 mm – 0.03 mm; or 12.7 microns – 25.4 microns). Please check the wording on the label before playing.


The turntable should be perfectly level, should show no up and down movement when rotating, and should run at a constant speed of 33 1/3 r.p.m. The pickup arm should be free to move parallel and perpendicular to the turntable surface.

The pickup tracking weight must be adjusted in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.

The stylus must be checked for wear periodically (we suggest after every 100 sides for a sapphire), and must be replaced, if necessary. Only the correct type and size of stylus may be used for replacement. Remember that only one chipped or worn stylus may ruin your valuable record collection completely.

There must be no acoustic feedback from the loudspeaker to the pickup. Turntable mechanisms (e.g. automatic stops, pickup setting-down position, etc.) may require servicing or adjustment from time to time.

If you are in any doubt how to attend to these adjustments, please consult your dealer or a competent audio engineer, who will be glad to advise you or carry out the necessary adjustments for you.


Avoid damage to the music surface of the record during its removal from and return to the inner bag and outer sleeve. The open end of the inner bag should lie inside the outer sleeve so as to form a dust seal. To prevent accumulation of dust on the record, it should always be kept in its bag and sleeve except when being played.

Avoid touching the music surfaces by holding the record by its edge. A finger mark will be difficult to remove and will cause dust to stick.

Protect records from all sources of heat, such as fires, sunlight, radiators, hot-water pipes, amplifiers, etc. A record left on a stationary turntable may warp badly when subjected to the rising heat from an amplifier situated under the turntable.

Records should be stored at a moderate uniform temperature, away from heat and dust, in an upright position without appreciable applied pressure and without leaning either way.

Records may be cleaned by wiping the surfaces gently with a barely damp soft cloth. Cleaning and anti-static agents should be applied only very sparingly, not too often, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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